Thank you for your continued stewardship of our parish.  We appreciate your generosity in allowing us to continue our parish operations, its ministries, and support of our school. 

Catholic Foundation Endowment

The Catholic Foundation uses endowed funds to support the long-term needs of parishes, schools, ministries, and charities. 

♦  Why Endowment?

  • Endowment Funds allow you to designate to any Catholic organization, or leave unrestricted to serve the greatest need
  • Establish a lasting legacy of faith to support your parish or help your favorite Catholic charity
  • Honor or memorialize a loved one through a Named Fund
  • Avoid capital gains taxes on long-term, highly appreciated assets
  • Reduction in income taxes
  • Once established, anyone can make additional contributions to the fund in any dollar amount

St. Patrick Cathedral Historic Preservation Fund

The St. Patrick Cathedral Historic Preservation Fund was established to provide for the future care of the Cathedral. Donations to this fund are a great gift to our community and will ensure that all families within our diocese are able to enjoy the beauty and sanctity of our Cathedral Church now and for years to come.

St. Patrick Cathedral Historic Preservation

Help preserve a piece of El Paso’s sacred history. Construction on St. Patrick Cathedral started on April 7, 1914 with the founding of the Diocese of El Paso one month prior, and was dedicated on November 29, 1917, Thanksgiving Day.

The Cathedral has since been the mother church of the Diocese of El Paso, home to daily and weekly liturgical celebrations. With the 100th anniversary of the Diocese in 2014, St. Patrick Cathedral and the Catholic Foundation set out to build a permanent endowment fund for its historic preservation. The St. Patrick Cathedral Historic Preservation Fund allows for the future care of the Cathedral for countless years.

Progress: Catholic Ministry Appeal 2023

Why Give to the Annual Appeal?

Progress, the Catholic Ministry Appeal, is a yearly diocesan fundraising campaign to support the day-to-day operations of ministries and services within our diocese. 

Money raised through Progress represents 40% of all operating funds supporting the pastoral, spiritual, educational, and human service programs that benefit thousands of individuals throughout the 10 counties of the Diocese of El Paso. The diocese also advances the work of every parish with direct financial assistance such as grants and support services.

Without the Catholic Ministry Appeal, this vital work of the Church would not be possible. We invite you to participate in the 2023 Progress Catholic Ministry Appeal, both through a commitment to prayer and a gift.