Faith and Sharing Group

The Faith Sharing Group promotes faith formation through study and discussion of Scripture, liturgical year themes, and Church teachings, in a welcoming and prayerful environment. 

We invite you to join us for coffee and refreshments, followed by prayer and sharing our insights of each week’s reading.

The group is open to adults, who want to share their formation with one another each week, by gaining a more mature faith through study and fellowship in community.

Groupo de Oracion y Biblia (Viva Cristo Rey)

Viva Cristo Rey Men’s prayer group is a Spanish language ministry at St. Patrick in which we study our faith, and we try to put it into action by serving our community. The group meets in a prayerful environment on Wednesday evenings, 6:00PM – 8:30PM, in the Ministry Building. 

Viva Cristo Rey es un ministerio de San Patricio en el cual estudiamos nuestra Fe y la tratamos de poner en acción ayudando en nuestra comunidad a quienes más lo necesitan.

Guadalupana Society

This ministry affirms and promotes devotion to our Lady of Guadalupe. It is required that members be active in monthly meetings and in fund raising events.  Participation at the festivities for our Lady of Guadalupe is encouraged along with joining in the December Novena (if possible) and in praying the Rosary during the month of May (if possible). Its primary function is hosting the festivities for our Lady of Guadalupe on December 12th.  Monthly meetings are held to discuss upcoming activities which include community prayer and song, food sales.

St. Patrick Youth Group

This ministry encourages high school students to be active within our parish and lead them and their families into a deeper relationship with Jesus and the Holy Church.  The ministry is organized by high school students with the support of our parish and adult volunteers dedicated to service projects, education activities and social gatherings.  Our membership is open to all high school students. The group meets every Wednesday evenings, 6:30PM – 8:30PM, in the Ministry Building.