The music ministry plays an important role in our Church liturgy.  There are seven choirs at Saint Patrick Cathedral, one for each mass.  These choirs consist of parishioners who volunteer their time, talent, and service to our parish community.  When our parish family gathers to share our faith in mass, singing together is a fundamental part of the celebration.

Saint Patrick Cathedral Music Ministry has dedicated singers and instrumentalists of all ages.  We are blessed to have so many people willing to share their talent and love of music.  Our role and goal is to support the prayer of the people, and to actively engage each member of the assembly.  These are the channels that provide musicians the great joy and privilege for the weekly celebrations, very special feasts, and occasions throughout the year.  The cathedral is always looking for more singers who want to serve the Lord in music ministry.

Those who sing pray twice.  Music ministers find their inspiration in the psalms of David, the martyrdom of Saint Cecilia and in the great music written for sacred liturgy composed by large schools of music and small communities throughout the world.

For more information on this ministry please contact the ministry coordinator of the parish.